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Hornbeam alley
Hornbeam alley

Republic Archive

9 February 2022
There are plans to build 4.2 million square meters of housing in Belarus in 2022. These plans were formalized by the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 69 as of 4 February 2022. The document was officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal on 9 February, BelTA informs. In line with the document, 640,000 m2 of housing will be built in Brest Oblast, 355,000 m2 in Vitebsk Oblast, 520,000 m2 in Gomel Oblast, 475,000 m2 in Grodno Oblast, and 330,000 m2 in Mogilev Oblast....
7 February 2022
According to the preliminary data, Belarus' gold and foreign currency reserves totaled a record high of $8,523.8 billion as of 1 February 2022, BelTA learned from the Information and PR Department of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. In January 2022, the country's gold and foreign currency reserves went up by $98.8 million (or 1.2%) Belarus' gold and foreign exchange reserves were bolstered thanks to the budget revenues, including export duties and the purchase of foreign...