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Neman River in spring
Neman River in spring
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Physical Training, Sports, and Tourism Department of the Uzda District Executive Committee
Address: 61 Pervomayskaya Street, Uzda, 223411.
Contact phones: (8-01718) 5-34-89, phone/fax 6-53-97.
The official website of the Physical Training, Sports, and Tourism Department of the Uzda District Executive Committee
E-Mail:   uzda.fksit@tut/by

The constellation of outstanding Belarusian sportsmen, merited coaches and master sportsmen includes names originating from Uzda District. Merited Sportsman of the BSSR, Merited Coach Mr German Bokun was one of the strongest fencers of the Soviet Union. He took part in the 15th Olympic Games in Helsinki. BSSR Merited Coach Mr Igor Mayerovich played a great role in the history of Belarusian sports. He successfully performed as part of the Belarusian national water polo team. In his time he trained the world champion, goalkeeper Mr Anatoly Klebanov.


At present the treasury of sport achievements is replenished by multiple victories of the younger generation. The Uzda District Physical Training and Sports Organization unites 35 physical training teams, including 20 teams created by enterprises and organizations, 15 ones created by educational establishments. For the sake of physical training, recreation, and sports two stadiums are used (the town stadium in the town of Uzda, the stadium of ZAO Vitex in the village of Teplen) as well as 23 gyms, a calisthenics manege of the Uzda sports school for children and the youth, an equestrian manege, ten refitted facilities, 16 flat grounds and fields, one futsal field with artificial surface.
The Uzda and Deshchenka sport schools for children and the youth do a great job to instill the healthy lifestyle spirit among young people and train the Olympic reserve. A physical training and sports club Nyoman is open to take care of children and teenagers. The district also has a Shotokan karate club Bushido, a chess and checkers club, an amateur tennis and volleyball club. National Shotokan karate competitions are now held in the town of Uzda as a tradition.
The boxing department of the Uzda sport school for children and the youth is one of the best in Minsk Oblast. We have raised two junior world boxing champions. Our pupils perform well at world and European competitions, several international competitions as part of national junior teams in track and field athletics, boxing, kettlebell lifting, and karate. They demonstrate outstanding skills at oblast table tennis competitions.
In 2012 the football team of Uzda District titled as Belita-Vitex secured the first position in the first league of the Minsk Oblast football championship. The youth team once occupied the first place at the Minsk Oblast football championship of sport schools for children and the youth. Representatives of the track and field athletics and boxing departments of the Uzda sport school for children and the youth have been winners and prize takers of oblast competitions many times. Kettlebell lifting sportsmen have been traditionally successful.