Address: 22 Sovietskaya Street, Uzda, Minsk Oblast, 223411, Republic of Belarus.

Phone: +375 1718 65-5-07

Fax: +375 1718 65-3-57


Neman River in spring
Neman River in spring
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Industrial sector of Uzda District features six enterprises, which produce the following products:
-bakery, confectionery, pasta, sausages, soft drinks;
- wooden window blocks and ceilings, sawn timber;
- linen garments and knitwear;
- fiberglass parts for car bodies.
In 2011, the production of industrial goods amounted to Br87 billion, or 173.9% as against the same period last year. The district maintained export-import operations with 29 countries around the world.

Uzda coopprom

Address: 9 Kolkhozny pereulok, Uzda, 223411.
Contacts: director (8-01718)  55-9-07, reception office 51-4-84.
Business: production and sale of bakery, confectionery, macaroni, sausages and semi-finished goods, dragees, peanuts with salt and seeds.

Address: 98 Kolkhoznaya Street, 223411
Deputy Director (8-01718) 52-1-72
Chief Accountant 54-2-37
Business: woodwork
Products: wooden window units, window boards.

Mark Formelle  
Address: 57 Pervomaiskaya Street, room 41, Uzda, 223411
Contacts: (8-01718) 55-7-13, (8-017) 242-52-79
Business: upper knitwear, clothes for newborns, underwear, embroidery, retail trade  

Address: Myakoty village, Uzda District, Minsk Oblast, 223417
Contacts: (8-017) 287-58-21, (8-017) 287-58-22.
Business: design and manufacture of products made of composite materials: cabins and bodies of vehicles, elements of exterior and interior of cabins and bodies (including instrument panels, bumpers, facework, etc.).

Uzda housing and utilities company

Address: 1 Zavodskoi pereulok, Uzda, 223411.
Contacts:  director (8-01718) 55-4-67, reception office 54-6-63

Business: provision of heating, water supply, and housing services, waste collection, hotels, sauna; maintenance of the housing stock, power-saw bench, a facility to produce precast products.

Uzda District consumer services center
Address: 2 Svobody Square, Uzda, 23411.

Contacts:  director: (8-01718) 54-6-06, HR 55-6-67.

Business: consumer services (garments repair, shoe repair, hairdressing services, photo services, laundry, manufacturing of furniture, rental services, etc.).

There is also the Uzda production site of Slutsk Cheese-Making Factory and Uzda forestry.