Address: 22 Sovietskaya Street, Uzda, Minsk Oblast, 223411, Republic of Belarus.

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Hotel in Uzda
Hotel in Uzda
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The Uzda District healthcare network comprises:

- Uzda regional hospital for 186 beds;
- a nursery for 25 beds (in the village of Telyakovo);
- central regional out-patient clinic;
- six ambulatories: in Neman, Losha, Ozero, Deshchenka, Khotlyany, Gorodok;
- 19 rural health posts
- 2 feldsher’s units (in the Uzda state agricultural and professional lyceum and the Belaya Rus agricultural company);
- an emergency call service department
- a youth center.

The regional healthcare system has 556-strong personnel, including 69 physicians and 239 nurses. The level of medical services has recently improved due to the use of state-of-the-art technologies in diagnostics and treatment. In 2011 the life expectancy among the residents of the district was 68.5 years: 63.5 years for men and 73.8 years for women.

Pharmaceutical services are provided by central regional drugstore No. 21 of Uzda District.

Health situation in the area is controlled by the Uzda district center of hygiene and epidemiology.

There is the sanatorium Podjelniki in Uzda District
Address: Podjelniki, Uzda district, Minsk Oblast, 223404, Belarus.

Contact phones: (8-01718) 42-6-21;  42-5-96
Phone/fax 42-5-93.    
Website:   www.

A mild climate with picturesque surroundings and healthy air, a mineral fluorine-containing water spring, modern equipment, qualified and friendly staff make it a perfect place to relax and recuperate the energy of your mind, body and soul.

The sanatorium offers spa vouchers for 12, 15, 18 and 21 days and also wellness tours for 11 days, weekend tours, family and corporate vacations. The sanatorium is open  all the year round.

The sanatorium provides the following treatment services:
- diseases of respiratory system;
- diseases of the circulatory system;
- associated diseases: musculoskeletal system and gastrointestinal tract.

To make a booking, please call:
Phone/fax: + 375 1718 42 593
Mobile:  +375 29 8634168
Mobile: + 375 29 3700032