Address: 22 Sovietskaya Street, Uzda, Minsk Oblast, 223411, Republic of Belarus.

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Church in Uzda
Church in Uzda
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There are 36 state-run educational facilities in Uzda District:

  • Uzda District Gymnasium;
  • Seven secondary schools (including two municipal schools);
  • Primary school;
  • Two elementary schools;
  • Evening school;
  • Five education clusters (including two “kindergarten-secondary school” clusters, three “kindergarten-primary school” clusters);
  • Preschool development center Vyasyolka;
  • Twelve preschool facilities;
  • Center for childhood creativity;
  • Center for tourism and excursions for children;
  • Correctional education and rehabilitation center;
  • Center for social care training;
  • Uzda boarding school-rehabilitation center for children with somatic pathologies;
  • Uzda State Agricultural Lyceum.

2,283 children study in 188 classes and 953 children attend preschool facilities.
Local education facilities employ 510 education workers, including 315 teachers and 120 preschool specialists.

All secondary schools are equipped with modern computers.

In the 2011-2012 academic year 39 students of Uzda District were awarded monthly scholarships (one base amount) by the district executive committee for educational and artistic attainments.

Local educational institutions implement four innovative projects, including one project of the Education Ministry of the Republic of Belarus (at the Uzda preschool development center) and three projects of the education committee of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee (at Uzda District Gymnasium, secondary school No. 2 and the Hotlyany kindergarten).

Eleven school museums were opened at local secondary schools.

Education quality is seen as the major priority in the district. In 2012 ten students graduated with honors, some 93.4% of secondary school graduates were admitted to universities and technical and vocational education facilities (58.8% of students were enrolled at higher education institutions).